John Dillinger and Geronimo

The War in Skeleton Canyon

Photo: Apache Pass, photo by James John Magner—taken as he and his wife. Karen, walked the historic path.
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It is 1953 in Tucson, Arizona. Tom Sullivan’s thoughts are drifting more and more to the distant past, reliving the adventures he set out to find when he walked away from his home in Boston in 1894…just a kid.

We follow the stories of the old man into the Arizona past—the 1890s—to the toughest hombres of the Old West–Apache warriors and scouts. We drop in on 1934 and Tucson’s much celebrated visit by John Dillinger, Public Enemy #1. Is he still alive in ’53? Then to a war with the crooked Highway Patrol captain. The raucous and rowdy neighborhood kids, the Sky Pirates, dig their way into the action.

Geronimo and other famous warriors and scouts have survived the Wild West. They look back, but the Wild West is not finished. Not for them.

Inside the cave, Niño began to chant the warrior’s chant, calling the spirits of battle to merge with him, to give him the courage to fight, if there were to be a fight, and give him the wisdom to win. The air thinned and began to rotate. Forms appeared in the swirling vapor and swayed with Niño to the rhythms of the chant. A voice came from the mist.

—Excerpt from John Dillinger and Geronimo

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James John Magner

A decorated Vietnam vet, Jim Magner is a writer of novels and plays. He has been the author of a popular art column, “Art and the City,” for the “Hill Rag,” a Capitol Hill, DC paper since 2002. 

He is also a painter with works in private, corporate, and government collections. He has won numerous national awards for both painting and creative writing, including a gold medal for his painting “Children in Vietnam” in the Veterans Administration’s annual Creative Arts Festival. 

Additionally, he has been a legislative assistant to a US senator, a government relations consultant, and a teacher.